About Dr. Gina
Owner/Clinical Therapist

I started Solid Roots, LLC because mental health is something I am truly passionate about.   I think things happen in our life and we do the best to navigate them on our own, but sometimes we need a little more support.  Frankly, as a mental health clinician, I am extremely disappointed to see how many barriers there are to getting that mental health support.  So, I created Solid Roots, LLC, a place where you can get the support you deserve at an affordable rate.


I've dedicated the past ten years of my life to studying mental health-specifically in the scope of trauma. I have earned a Doctorate of Social work from the University of Southern California with a focus in trauma informed programming, a Masters degree in Clinical Social Work from Wayne State University with a focus in family systems and a Bachelors of Social work from Saginaw Valley State University.  I am originally from the Metro Detroit area and recently moved to the city I've dreamed of being in for years-Nashville.  I am proud to say that I am a fully licensed clinician in both Michigan and Tennessee.

While I have always worked with individuals and groups in a psychotherapy setting, I also have experience in working in environments such as: Children's Advocacy Centers, Schools, Inpatient Psychiatric Units, and outpatient primary care offices.  


  • Trauma

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

  • Family Dynamics

  • Childhood Abuse (Physical, Sexual, Emotional)

  • Sex Trafficking

  • Grief/Loss

  • Domestic Violence

  • Front Line/Occupational Stress

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Caregiver Stress

  • Stress Management

  • Self Esteem

  • Foster Care/Adoption

  • LGBT/Transgender health

  • Divorce (for children/adolescents)

  • School Difficulties

  • Other--Reach out and ask about other things you may be experiencing.  If I am not the right fit, I will make sure you receive a referral for someone that can help.

Here are some things Solid Roots, LLC can help with:


Heading 1

Jameyuh Walker, LMSW
Clinical Therapist

Therapy focuses on the essential areas of the complexity of human behavior and development in
a collaborative therapeutic setting. Therapy provides the opportunity to process challenges an
individual may be struggling with by identifying coping skills and therapeutic resources.
Transparency and vulnerability are necessary to approach sensitive personal experiences, and
most importantly, I believe barriers can be broken with awareness, accountability, education, and

As a Licensed Master Social Worker, my educational background and work experience has
enhanced my ability to treat various challenges and trauma. I have experience providing
individual and group work to individuals with a various mental health diagnoses, including
anxiety and depression. I have extensive experience in acute psychiatric care which includes
crisis response and safety planning. Throughout my career, I have worked collaboratively with
other mental health professionals within the area of children and families, adults, and geriatrics. I
describe myself as an honest, empathetic, and compassionate individual with integrity and
dependability. I am motivated and committed to the successful outcomes for my clients by
bringing my dedication and passion to their challenges. 

I understand letting a stranger into your most intimate issues can be unsettling, but I want to
extend the opportunity to collaborate and support you through your challenges. I use various
evidence-based techniques in a confidential and safe environment. I am dedicated to combatting
the stigma surrounding mental illness, which includes raising awareness and allowing individuals
to heal from trauma and adversity. Addressing mental health issues can be sensitive and
triggering; however, we can work collaboratively to break barriers and continue create ways of
managing life challenges. The therapeutic relationship will be the foundation for the work that
we do, and we can work together to navigate any storm (past, present, future) and help you
bloom into the best version of yourself. Mental health is a lifestyle!